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  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
The beaches of Mesta

Mesta are located at an advantageous position. Their southwest location gives access to many beautiful beaches. Some of them are protected by the southern winds, and others from the north winds so you can enjoy the sea in all weather conditions. Starting from the northeast beaches towards the south, the beaches (that are accessible from the shore) are the following:


Trahilia (5 kilometers)

     To go to Trahilia, one needs to take the road from Mesta to Chios town and to turn right in the church cemetery. It is an asphalt-paved road

     Trahilia consists of two bays. The pebbled beach and the small island that is connected with the mainland by a narrow passage, offer to the visitor great beauty. Human interventions in the landscape are limited to a few fishermen houses. Here the visitor can swim alongside the fishermen's boats and enjoy a very clean sea. If someone likes fishing as a hobby, by boat or speargun, he will certainly be happy with the rugged and rocky coastline, found on the right and left of the beach.

Avlonia (5 kilometers)

Avlonia is a beautiful beach next to Trahilia. To go there, one follows the same road and turns right on the first perpendicular road. Avlonia is an enclosed bay. The surrounding landscape is very quiet and still preserves its naturalness, since there is nothing reminiscent of human civilization. The sea is very clean and, especially in the summer, always calm.

Apothika (4,5 kilometers)

To go there, take the road to the port and directly opposite the last house of the village take the road left. Once you can see the sea, leave the asphalt road and take the path to the right. In Apothika, on a very clean beach, you will experience some hours with the only companion being nature. No human intervention at all. Even the road stops about 100 meters from the beach. Apothika is the favorite beach of the locals but also of those who visit it, because the sea is always calm, the beach very clean and the peacefulness impressive.

Merikounta (4 kilometers)
Take the road to the port and right opposite the pumping station, turn left. In Merikounta you will have the chance to enjoy a unique sand beach and swim literally in the Aegean Sea, as the sea will unfold before your eyes in the distance. If you like high emotions do not miss the sunset on Merikounta.

Didyma (4 kilometers)

From the port, take the road that leads to Elata and two twin beaches await any visitor who wants to enjoy a quiet swim in crystal clear waters. Anyone who likes fishing, shall be compensated appropriately for his time. If one has a boat, he can go to Didyma from the port. In this case it is a good idea to enjoy the lovely small beach with the white pebbles and green water (the "Asprochalika") located on the right as you enter the bay from the sea.

Limenas (4 kilometers)
Limenas is the most organized beach of Mesta. It has a port for cargo and passenger ships and a harbor for fishing boats and yachts. If you bring your boat do not forget to visit the Chios Coast Guard station, operating here. In the taverns of the port you will enjoy many delicacies of pure ingredients but above all the really fresh fish. If you want to swim, go to the left side of the harbor, where two clean beaches will offer you rare moments of calm.