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  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
The events of the Village

  Mesta are inhabited continuously from their establishment until today. Many centuries of continuous habitation, the specially structured built environment and the extremely difficult living conditions have created an unparalleled high moral way of living. The inhabitants of Mesta, who were carriers of Byzantine culture, with the hierarchy of values, dictated by the long history of this place, created a special in ethos folk culture, that can be traced until today. An invaluable tradition that is a daily practice by a number of customs shows a way of life based on solidarity, love and mutual support of community members. This practice could be a life proposal.


The Cultural Association of Mesta organizes and coordinates:

  • Woodcarving workshops
  • Weaving
  • Embroidery
  • Computer Studies
  • English studies
  • Traditional dances and traditional handmade costumes studies
  • Free internet connection since June 2007


Carnival: Celebration with big feasts. The climax is the People's Court which is set up in the village square on Clean Monday in a mock trial with a judge and the ax of justice falling on the righteous and unrighteous heads.

Easter: Among other traditions, on Holy Saturday a large lantern is made to burn Judas with the light of the Resurrection. Responsible for the collection of wood are "Leftera", that is the village's unmarried young men.

Feast of Agios Stefanos (Saint Stephen): The residents of the Mesta and the surrounding villages go by boat to the island of Agios Stefanos on the eve of the feast and stay up all night having fun until the morning Mass.

Souma festival: Souma (or soumada) is a local alcoholic drink. It is celebrated on the streets of the village with much eating, singing and souma. (First fortnight of August)

Celebration of Agios Emilianos (Saint Emilian): On the 8th of August. It starts on the eve, when young people of the village stay up all night on Merikountas beach around fires.


Carriage of the image of Virgin Mary: On August 14 there is the procession for the carriage of the image of Virgin Mary from the old monastery to the central church.


Celebration of amateur fishermen: On August 17, the fishermen's club is holding a fishing competition and at night "kakkavia" (traditional fish soup) is served during the traditional feast.